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Dr Sara Wickham discusses questions relating to normality. And goalposts. What can we learn from studies about urine output and new mothers’ sleep?



Dr Sara Wickham looks at research which explains the “induction postcode lottery” and shows how there’s not always good evidence behind the recommendation.


It’s really important to ask what went well, says Dr Sara Wickham. And to consider wellness and other touchstones that are a cornerstone of good practice.


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Gathering in the Knowledge: an annual update online course for midwives and birth folk. Bite-sized, guilt-free, interactive and bang-up-to-date.


Dr Sara Wickham looks at research into gestational diabetes. This affects many women, but it’s not clear that current diagnosis and treatment is beneficial.


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Language is important, and many people have highlighted issues relating to language and birth. This page offers signposts to resources, articles and blog posts available on our website on this topic. It’s our latest information hub, and you can find…

How to share content so everyone benefits…

How to share content so that everyone benefits? Dr Sara Wickham offers some suggestions and tips to help you stay generous, friendly and legal.


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Five things parents should know if they decide to decline vitamin K for their baby

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The induction decision: what do women want?

What do women want when it comes to the induction decision? Dr Sara Wickham investigates research which shows that it’s more complex than we might think.

Four vitamin K myths – and the truth

Dr Sara Wickham shares and unpacks four commonly-seen vitamin K myths, explaining why some information sources have got it wrong.

Seven things every parent needs to know about vitamin K

Dr Sara Wickham, author of Vitamin K and the Newborn, shares information about vitamin K. Seven things every parent needs to know before making a decision.



Dr Sara Wickham discusses how to cancel labour induction. And where to get more information if you need it before making your decision.

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Gathering in the Knowledge – review by Lynn Genevieve, a midwife who attended Sara Wickham’s online course and shared her thoughts in Midwifery Matters.

Birth trauma research – what can we learn?

Sara Wickham looks at birth trauma research which highlights the experiences of women and shows how important it is that we look at this area more closely.

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Sara Wickham dedicates a poem to Tricia Anderson and their shared love of writing about birth and cats.

Vitamin K and tongue tie division

What happens when parents want a tongue tie division but the baby hasn’t had vitamin K? Can professionals decline to do this? What are the issues?

Evidence comes in many forms

Dr Sara Wickham discusses how evidence comes in many forms. The issue is not which type is most valuable, but whether the method fits the question.


Sara Wickham describes a caul birth where the intact membranes may have protected the baby. What wisdom is there in the ‘safety labour’?



Sara Wickham discusses art, craft, birth and knitting, revisiting a topic she first wrote about twenty years ago whose content is still as relevant today.



Our latest information hub gathers together classic articles and blog posts written for and about midwives and midwifery practice by Dr Sara Wickham.

Self-care: caring for ourselves…

Self-care is vital. Sara Wickham offers a bit of background and a long list of ideas for those who need to focus more on themselves.

Happy Birthday Birth Information Update!

Happy birthday to Sara Wickham’s Birth Information Update … and here’s the story of how it happened and how it continues…

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Our latest information hub gathers together classic articles and blog posts written for and about midwives and midwifery practice by Dr Sara Wickham.

Bad science and the limitations of choice


Dr Sara Wickham discusses ‘bad science’ and the papers which purport to show that birth is risky. But is risk being used as a means to control?

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Sara Wickham’s most recent books are now available in electronic form on Kobo, as well as in paperback and on Kindle.

Why are some women dissatisfied after induction of labour?

Dr Sara Wickham looks at new research. Why are some women dissatisfied after induction of labour? What aspects do they dislike?


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Seven tips for finding old copies of guidelines

Sara Wickham explains how to find old copies of guidelines, such as those put out by professional or governmental bodies.

Eight things I’d like to share with midwifery students who care…


Sara Wickham offers some words of support and advice for the student midwife – aspiring, new or experienced – to take on their journey.

The keyword is protection

Michel Odent discusses the basic needs of a woman in labour, and why the keyword is protection.

Twenty birthkit essentials

Sara Wickham unpacks the birthkit essentials carried by midwifery colleagues and shares some great tips of things you might want to have at a birth.

New research on upright breech birth

Sara Wickham looks at new research on upright breech birth, which offers practical insight into how this is facilitated and what we can learn from this.

The self care club

Sara Wickham offers a regular reminder about the value of self care and invites you to consider what you need for the coming month.

Home fetal dopplers “strongly discouraged”


Government and professional bodies in the UK have publicly advised against the use of fetal dopplers by parents in the home. Dr Sara Wickham explains.

Introducing our information hubs!


Sara Wickham shares details of our new information hubs – pages that summarise and link to all of our articles and blog posts on key topics.

What is a stretch and sweep?


Many women are offered a ‘stretch and sweep’ in late pregnancy. But what is this, why and how is it done, does it work and can you say no?

Three things I wish every woman knew about pregnancy and birth knowledge

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Birthing your baby

国外玩国服是不是一定要用梯子呢? NGA玩家社区:2021-6-14 · 国外玩国服是不是一定要用梯子呢? 求问一下,我很久以前国服有个号退坑了 然后最近想再玩,练了一个国际服的号 但是国内有朋友想一起玩,就下了一个国服,选区的时候就会卡退,然后说在维护或者网络不稳定 是不是一定要用梯子呀?

Screening: what are we missing?

Does the use of modern screening technology come with downsides? Sara Wickham argues that it does, both in life and birth.

Induction of labour at or before 42 weeks of pregnancy: new evidence

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Happy Holidays from Sara Wickham. Here’s wishing you a fabulous festive season, and we’ll see you next year!

Cerridwyn and the Pixies: A Holiday Fairytale

Sara Wickham tells a holiday story of research pixies who learn why some types of research are (inappropriately) valued more than others.

Five tips for seasonal self-care


Sara Wickham offers tips on holiday self-care and an invitation to think about how you’re going to care for yourself over the festive season.

The Poo Taboo

Sara Wickham presents the results of a conversation amonst women who are also midwives on the topic of poo in labour.

The importance of practising from the heart…


Sara Wickham considers the concept of heart-centredness and discusses this in relation to birth and the maternity services. Why is this not valued?

Informed is Best

Dr Sara Wickham reviews – and loves – Informed is Best: How to spot fake news about your pregnancy, birth and baby, by professor Amy Brown.

Induction of labour and avoidable harm


Sara Wickham shares research which highlights the issue of induction of labour and avoidable harm, showing us that there’s another side to the story…


There are a few myths about the idea that women need to be fully dilated to give birth, and that this means the same thing for every woman.

A big GBS thank you!


Six months after the publication of the updated version of Group B Strep Explained, Sara Wickham offers a thank you to all who helped.

Stepping Stones and Cervical Wisdom

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Holistic therapies: proof and plausibility

Why it isn’t justifiable to ban complementary therapies from use in the NHS, and why women and clinicians are concerned about this.

The value of the knitting midwife

Sara Wickham tells the story of the Silent Knitting Workshop in Hawaii and reflects on the value of ‘the knitting midwife’.

Does CTG monitoring reduce perinatal mortality in ‘high risk’ women?

Does electronic fetal heart rate or CTG monitoring reduce perinatal mortality in ‘high risk’ women? Sara Wickham looks at research showing that it does not.

Sara Wickham now has an Etsy shop!

Sara Wickham and her husband Chris announce the birth of their Etsy shop, featuring Sara’s handmade vaginas, birthkit purses and friendly knitted bacteria!

PAC模式和全局代理模式的区别与对比_ununie的博客-CSDN博客:2021-5-9 · 缺点:少部分国外网站会不经过代理,不能起到加速效果,甚至无法访问(解决方案:自己编辑PAC规则列表,将不走代理的国外网址加入进去,或者直接选择全局模式)。 全局模式 国内、国外所有网站都走代理。 优点:可访问全球所有网站。


Free dissertation tips! The first chapter from Sara Wickham’s book, 101 tips for planning, writing and surviving your dissertation.

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